pet parenting 101

Letting your 8 week old kitten get away with sucking on your ear because he was taken away from his mother too early is a BAD HABIT. Because, he is now almost 11 months old and STILL does it. (particularly at like 3am). The poor thing was thrown from a car onto a busy county road but jeez, he’s got to break his habit.


fancy, fancy online class.

I do like this class, I think it’s very interesting. BUT, trying to find time to develop creative ideas is like trying to deep sea dive in a pool full of honey. Now everyone probably thinks I have no creative mind at all but the truth is, I’m 19 years old and on the verge of tearing my hair out because I literally don’t sleep and I’m so stressed it’s insane.

e-z p-z

I seriously thought I would flow right through college like I did high school. I never had to study in high school, I never lost sleep in high school unless I had a late game or meet, and I NEVER had to worry about astronomy. I mean like, c’mon, I worked at a freaking grocery store all through high school. Now I work at Staples and get to print cool stuff all day. I never had to worry. I was a good athlete and an even better student. I never, in all of high school, dipped below a 3.4 GPA. Right now I’m pretty sure my GPA isn’t even in the positives and I can’t stand feeling like a failure so I’m freaking out.

Why college?

Do you ever stop in the middle of that crazy Astronomy homework assignment and go, why in the heck am I doing this? Yeah, same. All the time actually. I’m probably the worst person on this planet at anything science related. I’m not sure why. It just doesn’t click with me. I’m trying to better myself and kicking myself every single day for breaking my foot and ruining my scholarship chances.

Adobe Conference.

My uncle really wants me to go to Vegas this year and attend the Adobe Conference. Which yes it sounds amazing and I could potentially learn tons but, I’d be missing some of my fall classes that will be in October AND it’s around $1300 to attend. #torn

BAD pet parents.

People that treat animals like objects with no feelings are the ones I dislike the most. Someone I know recently had a baby and now has insisted on getting rid of the 2 dogs that they have had since they were teeny tiny puppies. They don’t want pet hair on their child’s clothing. How ridiculous! Being around animals can build a baby’s immune system and not to mention allow them to make some amazing animal friends. I’ll just never understand.

An interesting weekend…

So, I obviously have my cat and I love him to pieces. But, after losing my dog 3 days after Christmas I was torn. I spent 15 years of my life, age 4 to age 19, with her and suddenly she’s gone. But, my friend decides to call me today and tell me the puppy she got her boyfriend that she just dumped needs a new home. So guess what? I’m getting a 17 week old husky puppy. Now to see how Porter will react to a new dog brother…